Friday, March 16, 2012

The Start

All right in my frustrations today I thought I would create this blog. Confessions of Wanna Be Do-it All Mom. That sums me up. Who am I? Well as of today I am Sararose Althauser. (Guess I am that everyday) I am a mother of 2 boys Mason my oldest ( he is 2 1/2 are drives me crazy till he looks at me with that womanizer smile from his father and my heart melts), Porter (he is almost 10 months and is the sweetest baby in the world), wife of a very strong willed and sexy man Nick, daughter of two wonderful earthly parents, granddaughter, friend,  daughter of my Heavenly Father (who I try so hard to make proud), member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (there is a whole list take comes with that), Relief Society Secretary,  house keeper, chef, personal shopper, personal organizer, the cool wife to Nicks friends, personal trainer, sexy wife, therapist, gardener, crafter, photographer, accountant, mechanics helper, fun mom, disciplinarian, teacher, student, supporter, deal finder, reader, professional dieter, handyman, 24 hour caregiver and the list keeps going.

My mind always seems to be overloaded with responsibilities. The church encourages us to keep a journal. I figured it was because they wanted a record of what was going on in peoples lives during such and such time (I think of pioneers) or for genealogy. I was never that great at it. When I was a teenager it was a way for me to write down what was on my mind, to get it off my chest. It was a great therapeutic tool. Now blogging has made a huge following. So here I am needing to get some things off my mind. My boys are napping and I have a moment of peace. Even though there are toys all over the floor, the dishes need to be done and laundry needs to be sorted. Here I sit at the computer. I figured there has to be more women out there like me. It can't just be me that looks at all the mothers out there thinking that they have the secret. You know the ones. They are the ones that the house is always picked up (with out all the junk piled in a closet), they have their hair perfectly done, their clothes are perfect on them (no snot on the shoulder), can go to every activity, their husbands are always happy, and their children are lined up in a row and perfectly dressed. They don't have a care in the world. Where I seem to be drowning in the sea of overwhelming expectations. I try so hard to have everything in moderation, perfect balance. Most of the time it seems like I am spinning my wheels in a mud pit. Does this world have to many expectations for the modern woman? Or do we put them on ourselves?

Nick (my husband) always says he is a jack of all trades but a master of none. He has learned to do lots of things in his life time. If his friends need help with anything they call him. He can do it all. (But he is a master of   one thing Turf! This past year we figured he needed to be a master of at least one thing so he is going to college to complete his degree in Turf Management.) Back to my point. I feel like I am a jack of all trades. Some women take a hobby and focus on that one thing. I have lots of friends that have bought a camera, played with it and are now paid photographers. I have friends that love crafting or scrap booking and they are wonderful at it. I don't know where these ladies find the time to focus on one thing for more than 30 min. Do they put off normal chores? Do their husbands help with this? I am not trying to complain, I just want to know how! Please someone fill me in!

This is not complaining. Maybe from the outside my life seems like a perfect picture. This is what I wanted. To be a stay at home mother. A full time mother. We wanted to raise our children at home. This is my dream. When you are young you don't see all the responsibilities. So are these real responsibilities or just expectations I am trying to live up to?


  1. My dear Sara! No one has everything together, they just make it look that way. I think it's important that when I go somewhere I look like I got ready for the day (which isn't every day). Emmett runs around while I do that or watches tv. He is independent a lot, which is good for me. I know us women have a lot of responsibilities but if we manage our time well, and sometimes just say NO, then we'll survive it! Don't stress, you're a great mommy, which is your profession. I admire you're positivity and smiles every week!

  2. Love you Sara!! You are an amazing mom with a great husband and beautiful children!! Thanks for the positive attitude you seem to always have. I'm so happy you started a blog!